About Pädagogische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kontrabass (PAK) NRW 


In 2010 several music school teachers founded the PAK. The main interest is to care about the development of the double bass playing and its pedagogical fundaments. 

Although there are instruments for children on the market for several years which allow an early start on the double bass, the instrument is not sufficiently represented in the public music schools. The early start and the arising of new literature makes the instrument become an interesting working field although its didactical development is far beyond sufficiency. The PAK aims for promoting an early start on the instrument, train young teachers, optimize teaching methods and experience-exchange aswell as a sustainable networking between public music schools and universities. 

The PAK is supported by internationally renowned professors, clinicians, composers and orchestra-musicians who share their experiences at the annual BASSCAMP NRW with participants of all levels and ages.

The teachers of our association are all specialists for Minibass which complement each other to a sworn in team that forms the individual abilities to a strong community. The PAK consists of specialists for performance-related teaching, education for adults, ensemble-training, composing and music-journalism. 

Therefore, we cooperate and share our ideas with the federal-states´youth orchestras, the European String Teachers Association and the International Society of Bassists.

Head of the Bass Teachers Association PAK

In 2014 Uli Schneider became the head of PAK NRW. Networking between all institutions of music life in NRW are most important for him. Many participants of BASSCAMP NRW are prize-winners at music competitions, members of the federal-states´and national youth orchestras or study double bass. Furthermore several young pedagogues were mediated to public music schools. PAK NRW can be seen as indispensable for the development of music education in NRW. 

Uli Schneider
International Society of Bassists
Thierry Barbe
Boguslaw Furtok
Michael Meier-Etienne
Prof.Gottfried Engels
Henning Gailing