Das sagen unsere Gäste

In den letzten Jahren hatten wir viele hochprofessionelle DozentInnen zu Gast, die unsere Idee weltweit unterstützen.

Szymon Marciniak 2022

It was a very inspiring and rare insight for me into younger generation of future musicians on our instruments- the ones I usually don't have much contact with- and seeing the possible future perspectives and how they could/ will develop. With this very spare time we had at a camp- to be able to help them with anything they might take with them for the future it's a true joy! 

It is always inspiring to meet in places like Heek and get out of your daily routine zone. We all need that exchange with both students and other professionals therefore, I really enjoyed being part of the camp and would love to come back in the future!

Jason Heath 2022

I was thrilled to be a part of the Bass Camp NRW faculty and was amazed at the high level of dedication and enthusiasm in the students. Uli Schneider and his team are top-notch, and they go above and beyond in making the camp a meaningful and inspiring experience for all involved. I highly recommend attending this camp!

Diego Zecharies

Diego Zecharies 2021

You and all the staff are the real wonder makers and the kids are that wonder. You all inspired me so much. Your deep love, care and understanding for the kids since COVID arrived. I think I am a better person and teacher since I have met all of you.

Gjorgji Cincievski

Gjorgji Cincievski 2021

You moved mountains with your energy, super hard work and dedication. True example and inspiration to us all.

Thierry Barbé

Thierry Barbé 2020

Bravo to you and all your friends! Thank you for your nice spirit, great ambiance and all the organization, it was simply perfect.